Spread a little happiness x

Hi, everyone

I mentioned in my last post that my latest novel, Six Steps to Happiness, has been scheduled for release on the 11th December. I’m so excited for you to get your hands on this book you can’t believe!

Anyway, in the run up to publication I thought I’d start a monthly feature whereby we could share some of the things that have made us happy in the preceding weeks. After all, life can be chaotic. We’re all so busy getting on with what needs to be done that, let’s face it, sometimes appreciating even the simplest of things isn’t always easy. And what better antidote than to spread a little happiness?

I’ll start with some of the things that have brought a smile to my face this month.

  1. The whole Tullett clan got together to welcome our newest arrival.
  2. Three of our grandchildren came to stay for four whole weeks.
  3. This month I managed to read three books, one after the other.
  4. I signed my second three book contract with Bombshell.
  5. The French Escape has been in the Top 10 of Amazon UK’s Contemporary chart for twelve weeks.
  6. After a very busy few weeks, Robert and I enjoyed some downtime with a visit to the beach.As you can see, August has been very kind to me on the happiness front. But what kinds of things have made you happy this month? I’d love to hear your stories, so please share the joy and leave a comment.

Until next time x


10 responses to “Spread a little happiness x

  1. Lovely to hear your news. We had a young man turn 18. A delightful holiday in France/Spain and a book that’s flying off the shelves. Now the countdown to Back to School and work 🙄 x

    • That all sounds very nice, Jenny. Having enjoyed a chaotic yet fun few weeks with our grandchildren, I’m betting even the back to school bit is making you smile x

  2. What a fabulous few weeks you’ve had! Great family picture! What’s made me happy? I’ve just dropped Charlie at RAF Halton, and the sight of all the young chaps carrying their ironing boards didn’t half make me smile! None of them will have ever have touched one before 🤣🤣

    • Imagining all the ironing boards, I, too, am now smiling. When you say dropped him off… do they not do a family day anymore? When my youngest joined about twelve years ago, we were there for the whole day near enough listening to talks and what not about what the recruits would be up to x

  3. Lots of good news for you! An engagement for my daughter. Getting to have a family dinner with all three kids is definitely a highlight for me.

  4. Hi Suzi. Congratulations on the new arrival. We’ve been touring France for most of August. Decided to finally get married. Waiting on Alex having my granddaughter. So an absolutely fantastic August. We are also meeting a friend from Settle who moved to France tomorrow. ❤️

    • That is all very exciting, Lesley. Congratulations on all counts! Touring France, you say? If you’re around my little part of France and fancy a catch up, feel free to give me a shout x

  5. Happy to find your blog Suzie and what a lovely summer you had plus a new baby – wow.
    My husband and I did eight weeks in Ireland – May and June. So many good memories.
    I found you because you commented on my blog way back in 2015 I think and I’m going through the posts to see if I have anything worthy of a memoir or an anthology of poetry. Hopefully both. I’ve written quite an amount but…

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