Book Launch Event

Hi, everyone

Well what an exciting time I’ve had. Let me start by telling you that The French Escape has now been launched into the big, wide world. It’s had a fabulous reception so far, so thank you to everyone who’s already downloaded, ordered the paperback and read my new little book. Your positive feedback is very much appreciated.

It came out last Thursday, which is why I headed to Camelford where the local library had organised a wonderful event in celebration.

Before that, however, I called in at BBC Radio Cornwall for a chat with the lovely Debbie McCrory…

…who was more than happy to tell her listeners about The French Escape. If you want to hear what we talked about you can find our chat here, just scroll to the 40:17 point.

The weather was atrocious come evening time, causing me to worry if anyone would actually turn up to the launch, I’d never seen rain and wind like it. I needn’t have worried though, soon enough people began to arrive.

Even the local Mayor was in attendance!

I have to admit I felt a bit nervous. I’d been asked to give a talk about my writing journey so far, then take part in a Q&A. The people of Camelford and surrounding areas were very welcoming, however, and thanks to the reception they gave me, they soon put my mind at rest. These were followed by a reading from the new book, which made my nerves start to resurface, I mean what if they didn’t like it?

Thankfully, again I needn’t have worried.

Then it was on to book signings… …before we all enjoyed a glass of wine and some cake.

Something else that went down a storm…

The biggest surprise of the evening was a delivery of flowers that a reader from London had organised. Having hoped to make the event in person, she sadly couldn’t. So she sent these instead…Each flower chosen to represent the colours in the book cover. How thoughtful is that?

I’ve always said I have the best readers x

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