The countdown is on!

Hi, everyone

Well what a week this is going to be. Not least because my fourth novel, The French Escape, isn’t just up for pre-order, finally it’s launch week!

I know, isn’t it exciting.

Naturally, I have an event planned to mark it’s release into the big wide world and of course you’re all invited.

There’ll be signed copies available, wine, little giveaways…

And no celebration should be without cake.

Although as you can see, this isn’t any ordinary cake.

Imagine my amazement when one of my writing students turned up this morning with this! To be fair, her creativity does extend beyond the written word and she makes cakes for a living as you can see here. But it’s a wonderful and much appreciated gesture that I’m sure will taste as good as it looks. And yes, aside of the wine bottle and glass, it is all edible.

On launch day I’ll also be live on air with Debbie McCrory at BBC Radio Cornwall, something I’m a little nervous about but please do tune in if you get the chance.

And if you do decide to come to the launch event, please make sure to make yourself known. As always, your support is very much valued and I’d hate not to be able to say hello.

Until next time x

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