La Vallée des Saints, a research trip well worth the visit!

It’s been an interesting week. Not least because of a research trip I went on.

Flick and Nate, the protagonists in my WIP, are amateur creatives  – one a painter, the other a chainsaw artist. Although when I say amateur, they’re both very good at what they do.  Anyway, during my research for a particular scene I came across La Vallée des Saints, situated at Carnoët here in Brittany.

Apparently, it’s linked to the Priests and Monks that came over to this region of France from Britain around 1500 years ago. Be it in celebration or out of respect, sculptors began creating giant granite statues of saints to sit on a feudal mound with far reaching views – a practice that continues to this day.

Have any of you ever been? And if you have, isn’t it fascinating?

They’re all standing proud, facing the same direction as if watching over the valley below.

Some are more traditional in style.


Some are more abstract.

And some Sculptors have created their saints in modern day form.


As you can see from the photos, it wasn’t the best of days to visit weather wise. And I’m sure the statues would have looked even more majestic against the bluest of skies. But the cloud and rain did add to the atmosphere of the place overall. It made standing amongst these religious giants, dare I say, a little bit eerie.

So, if any of you find yourselves visiting this part of the world, I highly recommend adding La Vallée des Saints to your list of places to see. And if you’ve come across anywhere equally as interesting here in Brittany, please let me know.

Until next time x


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