Book release, cover reveal and more!

It’s been a really busy few weeks here in the Tullett household, not to mention exciting.


Firstly, at the end of July the revised and re-edited version of The Trouble with Words was released. Thankfully, to a very receptive audience – the reviews have been wonderful. The blog tour was fantastic, as was the response across social media.

I love reading about the physical reactions readers have as they turn the pages. It certainly gives me a boost to keep on doing what I’m doing. So thank you all you readers out there. I’m so pleased you’re enjoying it.




More recently came the cover reveal for the new version of Little White Lies and Butterflies. Due for release September 14th, Bombshell Books have done a great job. I love the colour, it certainly reflects its Greek setting. What do you guys think? Does it want to make you peek inside?

I loved revisiting this book. Lydia certainly got herself into some scrapes, which made me laugh all over again. And the setting… It made me miss Kalymnos, the Hellenic sunshine, and the Greek people. Maybe one day I shall go back.



And thirdly, amidst all this excitement,  I’ve been getting on with a brand new novel.

This one is set in France, which obviously means I’ve had to get out and about – for research purposes, of course. I’m not going to give any of the story away just yet, but here’s a snippet of what’s to come.




Well that’s all my news for now, so I’d better get back to it. After all, this book isn’t going to write itself.

Until next time x

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