On the move again!

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It’s been an interesting few weeks in the Tullett household. The tenants have moved out of our UK house and the agent tells us it’ll be nigh on impossible to replace them this close to Christmas. In maintaining her lack of optimism, she also explains the period straight after the festive season isn’t a good one either. Okay, I say to myself, we might just have to ride this out. Robert, on the other hand, seizes the opportunity to declare he wants his wife back.

I know, it sounded dramatic when I heard him say it too.

To be fair, I suppose it’s understandable, what with him continuing to work in the UK whilst I keep home here in France. Which is why I’ve decided to give Robert the best Christmas present he’s ever had, his words not mine. Yes, everyone, it seems I’m packing my suitcase and heading back across the channel.

Now this is going to be a test on so many levels. Not least because I haven’t spent more than a few days in the UK for years and, no doubt, lots will have changed. Robert and I will have to get used to each others annoying quirks all over again, don’t even get me started on the man’s snoring. And neither do we have a stick of furniture, having given everything of what we owned away when we initially put the house on the rental market. On the plus side, I do believe airbeds have come a long way since I last had the pleasure of sleeping on one and whilst this time of year might not get us a tenant, it should certainly get us a borrow of a deck chair.

Yep, this is certainly going to be a challenge in one way or another. But as any good writer knows…

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4 responses to “On the move again!

    • Here’s hoping, Claire. We’ll certainly be re-living aspects of our youth. When we very first set up home our only possessions were a large cushion to sit on and a portable TV.

      Good luck with your own move back – will this be a permanent move?

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