Bring the Best Side Out

I’m really pleased to introduce you all to this week’s guest blogger, Samantha Williamson. Not just because I love the premise behind her own blog (something she hadn’t mentioned she’d set up until recently) or because I think it’s important to support new writers. The main reason I’m pleased to have her here today is because she’s family. Not that I’m a hundred per cent sure she’d want me advertising that.

Put it this way, Samantha’s grandfather was Robert’s mum’s brother making her a second cousin, or something like that. And because she’s related to Robert, unfortunately for her, she gets me into the bargain!

Anyway, without further ado, please join me in welcoming the very lovely Samantha Williamson.


Over to you, Samantha.


Hello, My Name is Samantha Williamson. I live in Dublin Ireland and I am a Childcare Worker who is currently studying to level up and to gain my Supervision Qualification Level 6. For as long as I can remember I have loved to write. I would write short stories and poems in school, but stopped writing when I left school. I Love To Read, it is my all time favourite Hobby.


I have just set up my blog in these recent months and the reason I wanted to start a blog is so that I can start to enjoy life and try to find the good in everything around me. I have been following a number of blogs for as long as I can remember, most of which have videos on YouTube. While I enjoy watching the videos on a daily basis, I resent the confidence they have! I would sit and watch these amazing looking people on the telly and think to myself I wish I looked like that or why can’t I act like that. I’ve always been a negative person especially when it comes to myself and I wish that I was not this person.

Lately I’ve been finding things that I love to do more as chores rather than a passion. I love to cook and to bake. I would make the nicest food, but I’ve not cooked a homemade meal in months. I want to start enjoying the little day to day things again.

I started this blog to help me feel happy about myself instead of down and negative. It’s to bring my brighter side out and to help me through this life.

And hopefully on this journey of self discovery and self improvement I hope that I can help people in the same situation and let them bring their best side out too.


  • In my future I hope to be more positive about the here and now!
  • I hope to have completed my Studies with flying colours.
  • I also hope to complete a book I have been writing.
  • But most of all I Just want My Bright Side to Shine!!


If like me you also love the idea behind Samantha’s blog, here’s where you can find her. It’s brand spanking new and as with the rest of us when we started on the blogging road, I’m sure she’d appreciate the support. And of course you can leave a comment here too.

Until next time x

12 responses to “Bring the Best Side Out

  1. As usual, your post was great: interesting and humorous. I got the relationship. And that Samantha got you into the bargain was a lovely bonus. Lovely wishes for the future, Samantha. My wish for you is that they all come true. x

    • Thank you for the well wishes ☺ it really is a bonus having suzie as a member of our family x

    • Thank you for the well wishes ☺ it really is a bonus having suzie as part of the family she is fantastic.

    • Glad you enjoyed the read, Madalyn. Took me a while to work out the family link, I automatically thought niece. Samantha, you are being far too kind here. Looking forward to following your journey too x

  2. Lovely to see you here today, Sammy. I love your reasons for setting up your blog. Here’s to appreciating the small things in life as much as we do the big things x

    • Thank you so much suzie, i can’t wait to share the rest of my journey with you x

  3. Samantha – I love your energy & enthusiasm. A friend told me bloggers can go to #Mondayblogger to be considered for the best blog of the week. I wish you every great thing!

    • Thank you so much x thank you and also your friend for the advise i will check that out ☺ x

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