First thoughts are in!

the endFinally, the latest Suzie Tullett novel is complete.

I’ve written, re-written, edited and edited again. I’ve cleared my throat, read and re-read to the point of almost losing my voice. Am I happy with this book? The answer has to be ‘yes’. But it’s alright me saying that, I wrote it. The question is will readers like it too?

Anyone who’s read my last two novels will know I love writing comedy. Comedy that stems from within the characters themselves, as well as the situations they inadvertently find themselves in. For me, being able to bring a bit of laughter to someone’s day is the best feeling in the world. This latest book, however, does more than that.

Of course this story still provides lots of humour, at this stage of my career I’m not sure Suzie Tullett novels would be Suzie Tullett novels without it. But book number three also deals with heartfelt tragedy. New territory for me, as I’ve never tackled this degree of sadness so head on in my writing before. Understandably, it’s a situation that, again, makes me wonder what readers will actually think. I might like it, but will they?

So, how does an author attempt to answer such a question? They give it to a reader, of course.

Naturally, in doing so I couldn’t hand my baby over to any old reader. Thinking about it, it had to be someone who devours books and from a whole range of genres. And in remembering the talk I gave to the lovely Carnforth Bookworms a while back, I asked the group organiser if she’d mind doing the honours.

Since then, I’ve sat with baited breath waiting to hear. Hardly surprising – when it comes to books, this woman pulls no punches.

Today though, I’m pleased to say the wait is over. In wanting to let me know she’d got to The End, her initial comments might be short and sweet, but they certainly brought a smile to this author’s face.

“Good morning, Suzie. Congratulations. Wonderful writing. By far your best. Great story, beautifully and sensitively told. Just finished. Made me cry.”

The waiting continues, of course. Now the question is, what will a literary agent think? x

11 responses to “First thoughts are in!

    • Thanks, Marilyn. Kind of you to drop by and comment. I have to say I’m quite proud of this book – balancing laugh out loud highs with tear jerking lows took some doing x

  1. What an accolade. Your reader is telling you – and everyone else – that this is a must have. How lovely to have the ability to put it in a nutshell like that. I for one will be looking forward to reading it.

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