A Sweet Tooth and a Good Book – The Chocolate Book Tag Challange


Thanks to the lovely Sheryl Browne for passing on the baton in the Chocolate Book Tag Challenge.  It’s good to know I’m not the only one who enjoys a sweet tooth and a good book. Saying that, with so many favourite reads and some great chocolatiers to choose from, you can imagine how writing this post lived up to its name. Challenge being the operative word!

Anyway, without further ado and in no particular order, here are my choices…


When sitting down to read The French For Love by Fiona Valpy you’ve got to have a treat from Francois Pralus, Maitre Chocolatier, to hand. I’d go for his Barre Infernale; combining the crunchiness of chocolate with the creaminess of Praline, it reflects the story perfectly. The French for Love has all the ingredients for a fabulous Summer read. Set in the Bordeaux Countryside, I loved following Gina’s journey as (more through necessity than choice) she leaves the UK and escapes to France.


Chocolate Posh Drops from Choklet are the perfect chocolate accompaniment for The Wedding Diary by Margaret James. Imagine winning the wedding of your dreams but your fiancé has done a runner. I loved this premise and couldn’t wait to find out how Cat negotiated her way through such a dilemma. The Wedding Diary is a romantic, fun read, in which Margaret James has created a great set of characters. I particularly liked the Fairy Godmother, Fanny Gregory, whom I think deserves a book of her own!


When it comes to Nick Spalding’s Love From Both Sides, I’d have to go for something fun like a Wonka Bar. The situational comedy in this book is absolutely hilarious! I didn’t stop snorting with laughter from start to finish – highly recommended for those who need cheering up. It has a real feel good factor.


Evening Class by Maeve Binchy centres around a group of people all hoping to learn Italian. So it goes without saying I’ve gone for an Italian Chocolate – Venchi’s Assorted Praline. I Really enjoyed this book, especially the characterization. I loved the way each individual was given their own chapter so we readers could really get to know them. It’s like a collection of short stories almost, before everyone comes together at the end.


For me, Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar deserves a dark chocolate so I’m suggesting Green and Blacks Dark – 85% Cacao. After reading this I couldn’t help but wonder what Sylva Plath would’ve thought about women’s lives today. It made me question how much of this book is actually memoir and how far she felt the expectation placed on women during her short life directly contributed to her own mental health issues. A thought provoking read, indeed.


The comfort of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk is just what I needed when reading Beyond Grace’s Rainbow by Carmel Harrington. When single mum, Grace, is diagnosed with Cancer all she can hope for is a bone marrow transplant. But being adopted and with a rare blood group, finding a suitable donor isn’t going to be easy. From the very first chapter, Beyond Grace’s Rainbow pulled at my heartstrings. Although it follows Grace’s journey as she deals with this horrendous illness amongst other things, thanks to a great cast of supporting characters it felt just as much an ensemble piece. Beyond Grace’s Rainbow is certainly a roller coaster of a journey, but it’s written with such warmth and understanding. Another highly recommended read.

So there you have it, my choices in the just for fun, Chocolate Book Tag Challenge. Would any of them make your list?

At this point I’m supposed to tag someone else to take up the mantel, but instead I’m throwing it out to all you readers. Let me know if you do decide to take part as I’m always interested in finding fabulous new books to enjoy.

And again, thanks to Sheryl for inviting me to take part to begin with. You can find out all about Sheryl and her book/chocolate choices here.

Happy reading, everyone. Until next time… x


6 responses to “A Sweet Tooth and a Good Book – The Chocolate Book Tag Challange

  1. Hi Suzie, Haven’t spoken to you in a while….how are you? Busy as always round here. We’ve done a lot of work on the field, which left us playing catch-up trying to get everything looking nice for our first guests of the summer(?), who were here last week. They were returning customers, having spent 2 weeks here last summer, so of course we wanted to make sure everything was just right…..hard work with an excitable puppy around, even harder when she had her ‘op’ last week, and they tell you to stop her running and jumping for 10 days! Mother-in-law arrives tomorrow for 2 weeks, so let’s hope the weather improves a bit, or it will all be our fault. If the sun shines she will be more than happy to sit out and read and we can get on with the never ending weeding and grass cutting, but if it’s grotty we will have to amuse her. Was wondering if you had finished ‘The little coffee shop of Kabul’, and if so could I pick it up off you sometime? It might be something Marge would enjoy while she’s here…she can then take it back to pass on to Nicky. Remind me to bring yours back at the same time! Hope the family are all ok, and the wedding plans are going well. Karen x

    Sent from Peter & Karen’s iPad


    • Hi, Karen. All good here thanks. I haven’t read The Little Coffee shop yet as I’ve been busy writing. Please feel free to come get it though, I can borrow it another time if that’s ok. Just email me to let me know when, then I can make sure the place is tidy! These things tend to lapse when I’m in the throws of work. It will be lovely to catch up. Having stopped by, hope you enjoyed the post too x

  2. What a great list of books. I haven’t read any of them, although I have read a few Maeve Binchy books and this one sounds great. I love the chocolate pairing idea. I think I’ll give it a shot on my blog, then send it back to you if you don’t mind. Thanks for the new books to add to my TBR pile, which is reaching dangerous heights these days.

    • You’re very welcome, Valerie, and you’ll love Maeve Binchy’s Evening class. I know what you mean about your TBR pile, mine is soooo high I can’t actually see the top of it anymore! I shall look forward to your list in the Chocolate Book Tag Challenge and thank you for stopping by. Hope to see you here again soon x

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