Calling all animal lovers!

Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook may already know about my two little Greek rescue dogs, Nanos and Roma. Neither of them had the best start in life. As puppies, both were dumped by the rubbish bins, eventually found and taken to the local sanctuary – a local charity doing its best with lots of love but very little resources.

nanos and roma

So when Alife’s Foundation asked if I’d like to contribute to their new anthology to raise money for other animals in need, of course I jumped at the chance. After all, without such organisations, Nanos and Roma might not be here today.

alfie's vision

Alfie’s Vision: Lighting the Way is a collection of animal related short stories, poems and quotes, with all royalties going to the Alfie’s Law Foundation. As well as yours truly, there are some great authors taking part, including Ben Hatch and Jenny Meszaros. Available in both Paperback and Kindle it would be wonderful if you could show your support. The Alfie’s Foundation isn’t just about raising awareness, it aims to support a wealth of other animal charities too.

Check it out here in the UK and here in the US.

And if you are able to pick up a copy, thanks in advance, Guys.

Happy reading x





5 responses to “Calling all animal lovers!

  1. Ah it breaks my heart when I hear or think about how some animals suffer. It’s wonderful to give a rescue dog a forever home. I’d like to have more but can’t. My Spike was on his last day at the pound before his game was up but he was rescued and then we found him. I shall definitely be purchasing a book although it may have to wait till end of month. Look forward to reading your contribution 🙂


    • I’m sure Alfie’s Foundation really appreciate the support, Kate. I agree, it’s wonderful to give a rescue dog a home, couldn’t be without my two now. Happy reading x

  2. Suzie, So great that your writing is making a difference for animals too, even though they’ll never be able to enjoy reading. Lol. Sounds like a great organization.

    • Thanks, Paulita. It’s nice to give something back when and where we can. My little piece might not be contributing much in the bigger picture, but it’s something x

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