A Blog in Photos

Everyone knows we authors have to do our bit on the promotion front these days. We do interviews, book signings, blog tours… the list goes on.  We tell readers about our books, what inspired our stories, why they’re such a great read.

Last week, however, I decided to turn the tables a little and give my readers the opportunity to say hello. Readers were invited to post pictures of themselves, reading their copy of Little White Lies and Butterflies and I’m pleased to say they certainly got into the swing of things.

Here’s one reader at a Harrogate 1920s Prohibition Ball of all places.


Another attending a US talent competition.


And another 38,000 feet up in the air!


To say I’ve never ran an event like this before, I’m pleased to say the response was great, with people taking part worldwide.

I’m talking the US, the UK, mainland Europe, South Africa, Australia, the Middle East even.  And that includes a war zone…


A dining table in Queensland…


One of the most romantic train stations in Britian…


And the 124th Floor of what I believe is the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.


It’s both strange and exciting to think that even though I, myself, might never visit some of these places, a little part of me already has.

Of course, I wouldn’t feel this way if it wasn’t for all you readers, so to each and every one of you I say a great big ‘thank you’. And for anyone who wants to check out the many other photos, you can view all the fun and games here.

Thanks again, everyone.

Until next time… x

17 responses to “A Blog in Photos

  1. Hi Suze this is such a fun idea!!! What a great way to see the world! We need one of you in France now…hopefully not in the middle of knocking down a wall or ripping out the ceiiing….! Trust all is well…how’s the French coming along? :O)x

    • Thanks, Anne, it was great fun seeing everyone’s photos and how far into the world Little White Lies and Butterflies has travelled. Maybe one day I’ll get to some of these places myself. I’m pleased to say my French is progressing, although not quite as fast as I’d like. I probably need to get out and about more so I can actually practice what I’m learning. Hope all is well with you x

  2. Great idea. It reminds me of those pictures people would take of their teddy or a stolen garden gnome at famous landmarks, then send them home as postcards! Lovely to know your book is being read in such unusual places.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Viv, and for your kind words. I was only talking about the stolen garden gnomes and their photos home with a friend the other day. We were visiting a garden centre at the time and she was telling me how much she disliked them x

  3. Terrific idea. Thanks to the Internet and social networking writers and readers from all over the world joined in the fun. It was a great day Suzie. Poor Teddy in bed reading Little White Lies and Butterflies pales significantly in the light of some of the fabulous places. Congratulations my dear. Thank you for inviting me to share this special time.

  4. Good idea. Looks like people taking selfies. You don’t need a pic of me. Good luck with whatever book tour. One of these days I’ll have to abandon short stories and write a novel.

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