My Fun Reading Nook…

As of 13th March and for a seven day period, Safkhet Publishing will be offering Little White Lies and Butterflies at the special promotional Kindle price of $0.99 and £0.77
I know, it’s a bargain. And not only do we readers all love a good bargain, we also love a bit of fun.
Which brings me to this event…
During this period, all you lovely readers are invited to post pictures of yourself, reading your copy of Little White Lies and Butterflies. Be it in the garden shed, or up the Eiffel Tower… the more unusual or fun the better!
Of course, it’s the taking part that matters, but an event wouldn’t be an event without a prize. And as such, Safkhet Publishing are offering a Kindle copy of any book from their Safkhet Soul titles for the photo that gets the most likes.
So, Everyone, cameras, Kindles and paperbacks at the ready… Let’s get creative and go have some fun!
To head on over just click the above link and lets see how far out into the big wide world we can get x

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