Lights, camera, action!

As a scriptwriter I’ve been well used to working behind the scenes when it comes to filming. In fact, when I first started out, I wrote, produced and directed a short film of my own in an attempt to understand the various stages a script goes through during the film making process. Last Friday, however, I had the chance to appear in front of the camera and what an exciting opportunity it was too.

As many of you know, we recently began a new life here in France and Leggett Immobilier asked if I’d appear in their promotional video. Not the most photogenic of individuals for them to choose, something they’ll no doubt find out for themselves when they watch my efforts back and we won’t even mention what my voice sounds like! Still, it was fun all the same.

The shoot took place at Moncontour, a beautiful little town about a twenty minute drive from here. A place so beautiful that you’d be surprised who actually has a home on my doorstep. Not that I’m going to say who here, of course, my lips are well and truly sealed.


The picturesque Moncontour

Anyway, with Francis from Pigshed Productions getting the camera rolling and a bit of encouragement from all concerned, it’s fair to say the nerves set in. On and on I rambled about why we moved here, almost sitting on my hands because of my tendency to talk with them – a characteristic picked up during my time in Greece. Everyone nodded, telling me how well I was doing when in my own head none of what I was saying seemed to make sense.

video shoot1

Me with the lovely Kim Hoffmeister of Pigshed Productions

Suffice to say their poor editor has their work cut out.

video shoot2

James Hoffmeister, Kim Hoffmeister and me

Then again, I could be surprised and once I see the final cut find that I’m a natural. Or more to the point, Pigshed Productions will be so good at what they do, they’ll just make me appear that way x

4 responses to “Lights, camera, action!

  1. Hi Suzy,
    I’ve seen the first cut and, honestly;you’re looking good! Have confidence! You’re obviously a lovely lady and it comes through in the video. Pleased to meet you the other day…

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