Little White Lies and Butterflies Virtual Launch Party!

Well, everyone, today’s the day! August 1st 2013 marks the official release of Little White Lies and Butterflies brought to you by yours truly together with Safkhet Publishing.

new lwl book cover

I’m so excited you wouldn’t believe and to celebrate, we’re having a virtual launch party.

Like all good parties, we have fun, frivolity and prizes.

Modelling the next prize is my unusually camera shy other half – a lovely butterfly scarf to perk up any outfit. I know, he’s usually first in front of the lens!


Anyway, the question is – In Little White Lies and Butterflies Lydia is fast approaching a birthday she has no intentions of celebrating. Is she about to become:

a) 21

b) 30

c) 40

Remember you have to be ‘in it to win it’ – answers in the comments section below x

Now for the third prize of the day – a lovely ceramic butterfly planter.

book launch planter

And here’s the question:

Sam, the gorgeous hero in Little White Lies and Butterflies, is a climber. What other extreme activity is Kalymnos island well know for?

a) Tiddlywinks

b) Snowboarding

c) Sponge Diving

Again, leave your answers in the comments below and good luck x

Here’s another chance to win another prize – a gorgeous pink cosmetic bag!  Just what every girl needs…

book launch cosmetic bag

All you have to do is answer this one simple question:

In Little White Lies and Butterflies, Lydia Livingston finds herself roped into doing the catering for a local Greek wedding. Which of the following is a traditional Greek dish?

a) Stifado

b) Spaghetti

c) Frogs Legs

Please leave your answers in the comments below. Good luck x

To get things going, here’s your chance to win this beautiful Butterfly Brooch.

book launch brooch

All you have to do answer this simple question:

Little White Lies and Butterflies is set on the beautiful island of Kalymnos. To which group of Greek islands does Kalymnos belong?

a) Cycladese

b) Dodecanese

c) Ionian

Leave your answers here in a comment and winners will be drawn from a hat.

Not that the fun stops there, of course, as there’ll be prizes on offer throughout the day!

So good luck, everyone, and I hope you all enjoy reading Little White Lies and Butterflies as much as I enjoyed writing it x

67 responses to “Little White Lies and Butterflies Virtual Launch Party!

  1. My second try but with the same answer!
    b) Dodecanese Islands, south of Kos.
    Looks like where I left my first answer!

  2. Dodecanese for the first answer…
    Stifado for the second… NOW! … Where is the Champoo Prize???

  3. Answer to Q2 a) Stifado – a traditional beef dish – a stew, though I’ve heard of other meats being used like chicken, rabbit and lamb. Mmmmm, delicious!

  4. The Greek dish is a) Stifado and the group of islands Kalymnos belongs to is B) Dodecanese.
    Congratulations on the launch of your book, really looking forward to reading it : )

  5. Ooh, so many lovely prizes!
    Well, ie say c) sponge-diving, and even though it sounds rude, a) stifado and b) Dodecanese!

    Great comp!

    Sam Tonge

  6. Sponge Diving… Reminds me of the miserable git that comes over to Kos most days… Doesn’t speak a word of English, and insults the tourists with a filthy mouth… He should realise that some tourists speak Greek!!!

  7. AND my third answer is c) sponge diving
    I’ve only dived the once, just for a practice before we celebrated our Coral wedding anniversary on Fialhohi in the Maldives. Loved the reef with it’s thrilling and diverse variety of exotic marine species, abundant colour and warm sea temperatures. Perhaps I’ll attempt sponge diving one day!

  8. Sorry put wrong answer down last time too much drink answer is c) Sponge Diving hope this is ok putting another go in

  9. What a beautiful cup! It’s c) sponge diving. My iPad tried to change that to ‘spongebob’! Ha – can tell what I write about! X

  10. Well, if she’s ‘a child of the nineties’, the others have to be wrong. She’ll be approaching a) 21, unless my Maths is wrong or I’m following a red-herring!

    • Sorry, Carol, but the competition closed at 8pm. The winners have been announced… Thank you so much for your support today though, it’s very much appreciated x

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