What a Lovely Day…


Yesterday marked the official launch of Little White Lies and Butterflies and I had a lovely day at the Courtyard Coffee Shop in celebration.


Despite it also being business as usual, with them having to feed and water their regular customers on top of everything else, I have to say Eleanor and her team made me feel very welcome indeed.


Even adding a meze of Greek delights for everyone to enjoy, although I think I should’ve snapped this photo before everyone had tucked in rather than after!


In fact I should’ve taken more photos full stop, but obviously I was too busy having a great time signing books, eating Greek food and meeting lovely people to think about anything else!

Although to be fair I wasn’t the only one getting carried away, everyone I spoke to waxed lyrical about their love of Greece. This love being one of the reasons they couldn’t wait to get stuck in to Little White Lies and Butterflies – I just hope I’ve done the place justice.

Not that the party is over, as I now have the virtual launch to get ready for.

So if you couldn’t make yesterday’s event but you’re free on Thursday please do come by and say hello. There’ll be fun, frivolity and prizes and of course, everyone’s invited!

Virtual Launch Invite

And I shall look forward to seeing you all there x

3 responses to “What a Lovely Day…

  1. Lovely post, Suzie. Fab photos too. Sounds like you had a fab day. Roll on Thursday’s virtual launch! 🙂 xx

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