Little White Lies and Butterflies Virtual Book Tour

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I’ve been so busy of late getting ready for the release of Little White Lies and Butterflies, not least in answering questions and writing guest posts for its virtual book tour. And very exciting it’s been too!

I’d like to thank Katie at Safkhet Publishing who’s worked so hard in organising this and it would be great for both of us if you could show some support and drop in to say hi.

Anyways, we still have a couple of dates to confirm, but here’s what we have in store so far.

Happy reading, guys and I can’t wait to see you all there.

Suzie x

18th June- Cover Reveal with Sheryl Browne


21st June- Guest Post on Hook of a Book


22nd June- Cover Reveal on A Blue Million Books


24th June- Guest Post on Lost to Books


25th June- Review on Brook Cottage Books


26th June- Cover Reveal on Read to my Heart’s Content


27th June- Interview on Morgen’s Author Interviews


28th June- Guest Post on The Little Reader Library


29th June- Interview on A Blue Million Books


30th June- Interview with Mandy Baggot


1st July- Interview & Review by Tracy Riva


2nd July- Guest Post on Chick Lit Club


9th July- Review on Read to my Heart’s Content


10th July- Interview & Review by Carol Wright


23rd September- Guest Post on Writers and Authors


7 responses to “Little White Lies and Butterflies Virtual Book Tour

    • This is all down to Katie at Safkhet, Paulita, she’s the one who put the tour together. I just do as I’m told, answering questions and writing posts as and when they’re asked for! Honestly, she’s an absolute star! x

  1. In response to your Virtual Party question – I’ve often gazed at Kalymnos, looking southwards from Kos. I’ve spoken to climbers at Kos airport returning from their climbing on the island this year. I think it was suit me just fine – stunning scenery and the wonderful Greek philosopht of LIFE.. You picked a great writing retreat in the Dodecanese islands! Let’s celebrate!

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