The Bookworms of Carnforth

As both a reader and an author, it’s always nice to chat to fellow book lovers. So when the Bookworms in Carnforth invited me along to one of their meetings obviously I was more than happy to join in the fun.

And what fun it was too…

I met a great bunch of women, each of them sharing a lively interest in all things literature. Which is probably why, after giving me the warmest of welcomes, they happily dove straight in with their questions and why the next two hours or so seemed to pass by so quickly.

During this time we talked about Going Underground, a discussion that included some wonderful and very much appreciated feedback (thank you, Ladies); we discussed aspects of the writing process, as well as the publishing industry in general; and we even touched upon author Stephen King and novel Fifty Shades of Grey… The latter providing an opportunity for one of the group to produce a photograph she’d previously taken – a photograph of a cloud shaped just like a man’s… ahem!

And finally, I was asked to do a reading, enabling me to introduce the group to Little White Lies and Butterflies.

As its author, it was lovely to hear everyone spontaneously laugh out loud and in all the right places. Such instant feedback isn’t just invaluable from a writing standpoint, it makes the book’s up and coming release all the more exciting x


 The Bookworms, from left to right:
Mandy Griffiths, Sue Smith, Kay Postlethwaite, Georgina Peacock, Judith Southall, Jeannette Prescott

10 responses to “The Bookworms of Carnforth

  1. Yay! Well done, Suzie! Audience appreciation is what makes all our efforts worthwhile! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 xx

  2. Oh wow Suzie sounds like you had a wonderful time. How lovely doing a reading too. I'm still looking forward to August the 1st, that's the release date isn't it xx

  3. Going off the feedback I think we all enjoyed ourselves and although I was a bit nervous about doing a reading, thankfully it went down well. No-one apart from me, the editor and the publisher has seen Little White Lies and Butterflies before, so it was a bit daunting.It certainly is an August 1st release, Kate, a date that feels so near yet so far! And I hope you enjoy it as much as the Bookworms seemed to x

  4. Sounds wonderful Suzie and so rewarding. Glad you went down well and had such a fab time. I am sure you now have lots more fans…deservedly so. 🙂

  5. I never know with your blog if comments I leave are being vetted or not as can never read them back…..wordpress can be a pain. Let me know.

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