It’s going to be a very different Christmas for me this year…

Christmas is such an exciting time for me. Every year, come the 1st December the tree goes up and the Christmas CD comes out and from that point on there’s a constant stream of mince pies in the oven as I sing along to the likes of Band Aid, Slade and Wizzard. The Christmas cards are written and of course, I put together my lucky dip sack so anyone who comes a calling gets a surprise gift. And throughout all of this I’m eagerly anticipating Christmas Eve – not just because I know that’s when Santa drops down the chimney, but because I get to spend a whole few days with Robert, Adam, Ben and now the lovely Cindy and all without interruption.

You see there’s been this unwritten rule in our house that from Christmas Eve onwards no-one goes anywhere and whilst some of you might think I’m a control freak (which I probably am when it comes to Christmas) let me explain.

When I was about eight years old, my two sisters and I got up one Christmas morning to find Santa hadn’t actually visited our house. Not because we’d been naughty or anything, you couldn’t get three more well behaved little girls if you tried even if I do say so myself. But having gone out for a celebratory drink with friends the night before, Santa was too busy trying to save my mother’s life to finish his deliveries; a drink driver having ploughed straight into her, ramming her against a brick wall, as she and Dad made the leisurely walk home.

That was the year we celebrated Christmas at the end of February – the first time she was allowed home for a couple of days during her recovery and, no doubt, the reason why the fun side of Christmas is so important to me.

So imagine my horror when way back in June my children decided things would be different this year… that they had other plans for Christmas 2012 – plans that didn’t include me!

To be fair, they did give me six months notice to get used to the idea and after the initial “Oh my goodness, I don’t think so” period I slowly began to come to terms with a Christmas without them. Let’s face it, I’ve been lucky they’ve shown such understanding for as long as they have – I’m sure at their ages, foregoing the Christmas parties outside of the home must’ve felt like they were missing out.

And I suppose on the plus side, Robert and I get to spend our first Christmas in a long time as a couple, which will certainly be different. As will our Christmas venue, having decided to spend it here in Greece so I don’t think my children are so near, yet so far… Thus, reducing the risk of me crying into the turkey, which I’m guessing wouldn’t be pretty!

But come what may I’m at least going to try and have fun and I hope you all will too.

Merry Christmas, Guys, and stay safe x


24 responses to “It’s going to be a very different Christmas for me this year…

  1. SuzieSo coincedental!Last year Debs and I actually had xmas day to ourselves but we had the kids on boxing day and so I insisted we had xmas dinner on the 26th. Consoled by the dinner on the 25th actually being a trial run. Just like you this year the lads have their own ideas so chrimbo and boxing day just going to be Moi Debs and the hounds…………..

  2. Oh how lovely to spend Christmas in Greece – I am so jealous. Christmas changes when the children grow up and my husband and I have accepted that and do our thing, knowing they are doing theirs and enjoying it, making their own traditions. Do have a good one!

  3. I'm having 'changed traditions' this year too, the first year the children have been able to visit their father on Christmas Day, now that he's remarried and got a proper house to entertain them in. So we're having a spread out Christmas, with half the children (and new grandson) staying with me, and the others going to their father. I'm sure we'll all adapt and survive! Have a wonderful Christmas, setting some new traditions just for yourself!

  4. I'm sure I'll adapt and survive along with you, Jane. Although I have a feeling my new traditions might involve alcohol, lol.Have a great time and thanks for dropping in x

  5. It still sounds like a lovely Christmas to me. I guess I'll be seeing all my kids at their grandmother's house which will be lovely. A real Veneto Christmas and then back up to the mountain madness to ski. I'm looking forward to no school alarm for two weeks! But my perfect Christmas involves a long flight to Australia and a sail on the harbour. Maybe next year? Lots of Christmas cheer and good wishes. What will you be eating?? Xcat

  6. Suzie, You sound like me (control freak) having made these plans and wanting them to be carried out. Then — jerk to a stop. Wait a minute! A change. This will take some getting used to. I was just blogging about my plans for us to go pick out a tree which is not turning out how I had hoped. Thanks for sharing the changes you're dealing with.

  7. Christmas sailing on the harbour in Australia… now that would be something! I haven't worked out our actual plans yet – as for what we're eating? I'm not even sure I can get a turkey yet as Christmas isn't the biggie holiday here; Easter is more the Greek thing.Anyways, Robert finally arrives tomorrow so we can start organising ourselves properly then. He's bringing a few Christmas goodies out with him and a new Christmas CD, so we'll take it from there.Wishing you and yours a great holiday season, too. Enjoy x

  8. For such a spontaneous person, I'm not liking this particular change one bit, Janie. So I'm hoping once we have one Christmas without the children out of the way, any that follow will be easier x

  9. You're welcome, Paulita. And I hope you don't mind me saying it's a relief to hear I'm not the only one who's like this about Christmas.Will head over to your blog to read all about your experiences so far this year.Although despite things not panning out with the tree quite how you anticipated, I'm sure you and your family will have a great time regardless x

  10. We lent our children to their significant other families on Thanksgiving so we could have them for Christmas, but I know the time is coming when we won't have them at all. But Thanksgiving spent with my hubby on the Oregon coast was wonderful, so enjoy Christmas in Greece!

  11. 'Lending' your children out sounds such a wonderful and helpful way of putting it, Teri. So thank you, I think I'll say that to myself if you don't mind?I'm sure Christmas in Greece is going to be great, just in a different way – as you, no doubt, experienced in Oregon x

  12. Christmas in Greece – you're one lucky girl. Funny, I've hardly ever thought about being anyplace else at Christmas than with my family (on this side of the pond) but the idea of spending the holidays with the clan on the UK side and doing up Hogmanay in Edinburgh do sound appealing. Leave the kids and grandkids to their own traditions.

  13. Thankfully I'm too young to have Grandchildren at the mo, Melanie. Christmas without the family would be really hard if I did, lol.And to say I'm from the UK I haven't celebrated the holiday season in Edinburgh either. Maybe we should both be making a point of going one year x

  14. Hi Suzie, I just came across from Paulita's blog .. having read her post about getting the tree. Having read your post I can totally understand why you would like everyone to be with your on Christmas eve and no one goes anywhere., Do you live in Greece?? I would love to spend Christmas somewhere else , I like a change from the UK . This year I am not seeing our boys or grandchildren,until next year .. we have a new grandchild due 4th Jan, so they don't really want to travel, my youngest son, has a new partner , who has children, and he has to see his own children too.. IN Fact, they are all spending Christmas Eve and most of Christmas day together, children are the same age, two 7 year old boys and two 5 year old girls .. so it all works out well. I will see them in January, they can have another dinner and get their presents 🙂

  15. Hi, Anne. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. It's a shame you're not spending Christmas with your family either, but I'm sure you'll have a fantastic New Year to make up for it. Especially with a new Grandchild on the way. Bet you can't wait?And however you plan on spending your Christmas day, I wish you and yours all best x

  16. Oh, Sooz ~ what a story. You must have been devastated and I can't say I blame you for being a control freak. That said, well done on letting go and I hope you have a fabulous time in Greece, and that your kids enjoy their respetive parties. Happy Crimbo!

  17. Thanks, Nicky. It was a hard Christmas to get through, yes.This year we'll be doing our best to make sure we have a good time despite the kids deserting us!Merry Christmas to you and yours too. Enjoy x

  18. Wow Suzie, that must of been terrifying. Not what any 8 year old girl should ever have to experience, initially I was scared to read on but did. I can see why you have always wanted to spend Christmas with family. I have to say I would hate not to spend Christmas with my parents. It will still be a lovely Christmas for you, a romantic one with you and Robert. I love that idea a lucky dip for unexpected guest. Pete and I would love to have an open house where people would pop in unexpectedly. Have a wonderful Christmas xxx

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