It’s all happening in the Tullett household…

It’s been an exciting time for we Tulletts these last few weeks and all of it on the work front.

Firstly, there’s my other half, Robert. 

Having been a Dog Handler for the past sixteen years, he’s finally decided it’s time for a change.  So, three German Shepherds, two Spaniels and a black Labrador later, he’s handed in his ticket and is heading off for pastures new. 

Oh yes, he’s made the step to start the up and coming new year back on section, so it’s bye bye, doggies… hello stab vest.

I have to admit I’m a bit nervous about his move.  I think I got a little too comfortable knowing there was a dog standing between him and the bad guys.  Suddenly though, it feels a bit like when he first began in the job, not knowing what he’s going to be walking into and who or what he’s going to come face-to-face with.  But at least now he has experience on his side and I just have to trust he’ll continue to stay safe.

Then there’s Benjamin, who earlier this year was entered into the UK leg of the World Skills competition.   A competition described on Wikipedia as the ‘global skills Olympics’; one that gives young people the opportunity to demonstrate their excellence in skilled professions….  And demonstrate Benjamin did!  
Suffice to say, a few gruelling rounds and a lot of hard work later he found himself making his way to Birmingham’s NEC for the three day final.  And I can now play the proud mother and tell you he came in second, taking home the Silver Medal.  
Well obviously we’re all very proud of him; for a young chap he’s achieved so much in his working life already.  And we’re keeping everything crossed that he makes the UK team to compete in the World Skills International heats.  Although if he does, with 50 member countries taking part there’ll be a lot more hard work ahead of him. 
And now we come to Adam, my other gorgeous son…

I’ve already talked about how he headed off to China a while ago, a move that I supported even if I did feel nervous about it at the time.  I mean, as parents what else can we do but encourage our children when it comes to their hopes and ambitions? 

Anyway, having had enough of living so far from home, much to my relief and two years on, he finally decided it was time to come back.  Although not to the UK (he’s probably having way too much fun to have me on the doorstep) but to Holland.
He’s been there a couple of weeks now and tells me he’s settling in really well.  His colleagues have been very welcoming, he’s been rushed off his feet at the salon and all going well, he’s found a great little apartment in which to live.  One that I hope to be visiting some time soon, once he’s had chance to settle in, of course.
Which brings us to me…
Not that I’ve done anything anywhere near as exciting as changing my job, entering an international competition or moved country.  But I have, at last, finished my book. 
Oh yes, Little White Lies and Butterflies has finally been sent on its way and hopefully some very interested publishers are reading as we speak.  So just like I have my fingers crossed for the rest of the Tullett clan, I’m guessing they’ve got their fingers crossed for me!
So now you know the recent comings and goings in my household, what exciting things have you all been up to? x

22 responses to “It’s all happening in the Tullett household…

  1. Suzie, never a dull moment in your home it seems. I congratulate your sons for the great lives they are building for themselves…lovely to see. I pray your husband stays safe and I understand how you would be feeling about the change….I'd be scared stiff!! Looking forward to the new book too – it sounds just like my cup of tea. Hugs, Jo. xx

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Jo, it's lovely to see you here and you're so right when you say 'never a dull moment'. But more importantly though, thank you for your lovely comments x

  3. Wow, what a family you have! They must have learned through your good example though – wishing you the very best of luck with your submissions and looking forward to reading it once you are published. As for my news, well, I expect you already know it all from our writer's page on Facebook so I won't go repeating it here 🙂

  4. Wow, Suzie it certainly has been all go. What a wonderful family you have too, you must be so proud of them and I can see why. Now you are on your own for a while are you writing? I really hope so as I so enjoyed Going Underground, reminded me of my youth, though I know it is more recent….love your writing and do keep me in the loop with all you write. Enjoy your freedom whilst it lasts.

  5. Book number three is swirling around my head as we speak, Jane, so although not at the manuscript stage just yet, I am working on it. Will definitely keep you posted with regards to book number two though and am keeping everything all goes well with it x

  6. Gosh, just reading your blog makes me feel tired. What an active and intrepid lot you are. Just one thing, I'd really like to know what some of the skills were that son one did so well at. gx

  7. We are a busy family, aren't we?He's an Aeronautical Mechanical Engineer, Gilli, so all skills related to that. Although as for the exact ins and outs of what his role involves, unfortunately it's way too technical for me.Lovely to see you here, by the way x

  8. I have, indeed, lol. I was only thinking about you today, Kit and that I haven't had any of your post notices come through lately. Hope all is okay over your side of the pond and it's great to see you here x

  9. Suzie, I love that you put yourself, and your small accomplishment, last. You sly dog you. (That's an American saying (out of date)). Congrats on your great book deal. And I didn't know what you meant when you said your husband was a dog handler. I thought like a dog walker or dog whisperer! Now I get it — police man.

  10. Lol, Paulita. When I posted this earlier today I didn't have the book deal, so that probably makes the back end of my post as out-dated as your saying!By the way, Robert will love it when he reads you thought he might be a dog whisperer… Watch out Cesar Millan! x

  11. Thanks, Paula. I happen to think my family amazing too, lol. When I posted this I was still waiting to hear about the book deal – what a difference a few hours makes, eh? x

  12. Enjoyed our chat yesterday and so excited for you. I cannot wait for everything to fall into place for you. I can hear music as I write – Beach Boys full of sunshine and optimism. Just right.

  13. Hey Suzie,a late comment and I know since this post things have progressed. Lots of wonderful happenings in the Tullet household, so pleased for you!! You must be so proud of your family and them of you :)xxx

  14. I'd say having your SECOND novel published is pretty exciting stuff and a wonderful achievement! Congratulations! Such fabulous news, can't wait to read it. The Tullett's are a talented bunch :). ooh that's a title for a new blog The Talented Tullet's! he he! ;Dxxx

  15. Great to see you here, Kate, and yes I'm very proud. The three of them work so hard in their chosen professions, but I guess it shows in their achievements.Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you here again soon x

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