Even more excitement in the Tullett household!

Two blog posts in one day…  I know, very unusual for me!

However, in an up-date to my earlier news I just wanted to let you all know that Little White Lies and Butterflies has since been accepted for publication.

Oh yes, late this afternoon Safkhet Publishing contacted me with the offer of a contract and I’m pleased to say, it’s one I accepted – which is why I’m now off to celebrate with a glass of wine x

7 responses to “Even more excitement in the Tullett household!

  1. Suzie, I am so excited for you. Drink a glass of wine for me.. I'm trying to get words on paper today to see if I can complete 50,000 in the month of November. Even if I don't succeed, I'll have more words toward that next novel. Maybe I'll have good news like you in the coming year.

  2. Thanks, Dee. It's early days so publication date as of yet, plus I still have the editing process to go through. Good luck with Realand – looks a great children's read! x

  3. Suzie, I think my post was not accepted here though the bit where it establishes I am not a robot seemed OK. I was congratulating you and wishing you success and hoping that the latest book does well. Loved Going Underground as you know. Sorry if I have now posted twice – twice the best wishes and congratulations!! xx

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