‘Look’ Here…!

Playwright, Michael Sands, has tagged me in this blog game which involves searching my current WIP (Work in Progress) for the word ‘look’, with a view to posting the surrounding paragraphs.
Now, this couldn’t have come at a better time considering I’m in the process of writing the very last chapter of my latest offering, giving me the opportunity to give you a little taste of what’s to come.
So, without further ado, here’s a sneak peak excerpt from Little White Lies and Butterflies…

A throng of unfamiliar voices tried to work their way into my head, but my brain had different ideas and refused to acknowledge them.   However, the voices kept on coming irrespective, compelling me to come sufficiently enough to, so I could at least try and survey my surroundings.  I smacked my lips in an attempt to overcome the dryness of my mouth, at the same time putting my sunglasses back where they belonged – on my nose instead of resting on my cheek.  And lazily lifting my head expecting to find myself enveloped by a frolicking crowd of mere mortals, alternatively I found myself surrounded by an abundance of perfectly toned, tanned and attractive bodies.  Obviously I’d died and gone to Greek God and Goddess Heaven, I deduced and happy to be there, I focused my attentions on not one but quite a few of the Adonis’ in my midst. 

Then I realised I hadn’t died at all.  I’d simply woken up!

I bolted upright and in a bid to tidy myself up a bit it very quickly became apparent that either A) I’d awakened to find myself slap bang in the middle of some glamorous photo shoot – one that I would, no doubt, be airbrushed out of thanks to my somewhat slovenly display; or that B) upon my arrival I’d accidentally chosen a section of the beach solely reserved for the islands ‘beautiful people’.  But whichever of the two it was, I was convinced someone was going to come along any second now, tap me on the shoulder and tell me to move on to the area set aside for the ‘uglies’.

I looked about me, just in case, much to my disappointment clocking that the climbers had, at last, descended from their great heights.  “Speaking of which,” I said, watching them somewhat raucously partaking in a game of football over to the left.  “At least they know their place!”  Not that I had any intentions of joining Team Ugly.  After all, I might’ve been a little curvier than all these other women, but my curves were in all the right places.  “Oh yes,” I maintained.  “I can carry a bikini off as well as the best of them.  So just let anyone try and say any different.”

I thought about all the time and money I’d spent over the years, turning myself into the ideal woman for when I did happen to chance upon the man of my dreams.  What with beauty products, waxing, exercising and dieting – the latter not exactly an easy task for a woman who loves her food…  “And let’s not forget the elocution lesson,” I reminded myself, something which I doubted any of these Ladies would deign to put themselves through.  “And surely it’s time these efforts were rewarded somehow,” I told myself.  “Even if the prize is only to stake my claim on a bleeding sunbed!”  Although I knew I stood a better chance of not being booted off if I actually looked the part, which needless to say called for a cool, calm and collected composure.

I began the process of arranging myself into a model-esque type pose, a position that felt a lot more precarious than they’d made it out to be on one of those modelling TV shows.  However, if I could just perfect my balance I was sure I’d be okay… 

“Ouch!” I screamed  A searing sting suddenly swiped my face as something ricocheted off it, catapulting me, legs akimbo, off my much coveted sun lounger. 

So, everyone, what do you think? x

4 responses to “‘Look’ Here…!

  1. I've definitely felt that way on a beach before, although not the part about how I've prepared myself to fit the part on the beautiful section of the beach — no elocution lessons or tanning. I'd definitely get shuffled along.

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