The Next Big Thing!

Thanks to the lovely historical fiction author, Sue Millard, it’s now my turn to take part in The Next Big Thing!

So here goes, the answers to ten questions about Little White Lies and Butterflies:

 1.      What is the working title of your book?

Little White Lies and Butterflies.

 2.      Where did the idea for the book come from?

Years ago, I remember reading something somewhere about a woman who’d gone on holiday on her own for the first time.  Whilst there, she re-invented herself, making up a job, a personal life etc.  I thought what if someone found out?  What if someone realised she was fabricating a whole life story?  And so the initial idea was born…

 3.      What genre does your work fall under?

Chick Lit, Contemporary Women’s Fiction, Humour – yes, definitely Humour!

 4.      Which actors would you choose to play your characters?

Lydia is quite a curvy, gorgeously confident, fuller figured woman so I’m thinking someone like Jennifer Neala Page would be perfect – as long as she wouldn’t mind dying her hair black.  Then there’s Sam, tall with an athletic build, so an actor like Darren Boyd would be great.     
 5.      What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

When you’re digging yourself into a hole, stop digging.

 6.      Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

As I don’t have an agent at the moment, it’ll be sent direct to publishers and I’ll take it from there.

7.      How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

Taking everything into consideration and including the planning stage which I absolutely love, probably about four or five months. 

 8.      What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

Because the book is primarily set in Greece, it would be easy to think along the lines of a Shirley Valentine, Mama Mia or My Big Fat Greek Wedding storyline.  But apart from the setting and the comedy element they don’t really compare.  This story is something different.

 9.      Who or what inspired you to write this book?

You could say my inspiration came from a variety of sources.  I’ve already mentioned the piece I read about a woman re-inventing herself.  But add to that my home here in Greece, the Hellenic way of life, alongside the most colourful of characters and attitudes… there’s so much to draw upon for any writer.

 10.  What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

Greece, climbing, cooking and characters – now that is an interesting combination!
So, those are the answers for the next Suzie Tullett novel.  All that remains now is for me to introduce the writers who’ll be picking up the mantel next Wednesday.  These lovely authors will be sharing information about their up and coming releases and introducing yet more writers taking part in The Next Big Thing:  Emily writes about love, fun, friendships, drama, sex and romance. Lizzie writes contemporary romance and her novel Tall, Dark and Kilted is due for an Autumn release. Celia Yeary is an author of romance and every story she writes, be it long or short, is based in her native home of Texas, the state she knows so well. Catherine is a British paranormal romance author and a writer of occult non-fiction. Fran and Caro, who juggle life as mums and that gnawing need to write.

Thanks for stopping by, everyone, and I hope you’re looking forward to reading Little White Lies and Butterflies as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it x

26 responses to “The Next Big Thing!

  1. AWESOME! Love the whole concept, please write quickly. Love the 'stop digging' theme, that's definitely me (I unfailingly dig deeper and deeper). Great post and congrats on featuring in The Next Big Thing! X

  2. Great title, and I love the idea of reinventing oneself! And, of course, you have the advantage of making your Greek setting absolutely authentic. Good luck with it!

  3. A book and a movie – that would be something, Jenny!And what lovely words. As a character writer, it's great to know that you see Lydia as a real person already.Thanks so much for stopping by x

  4. Thanks for returning the gesture, Diane. This Next Big Thing tour has been great for discovering authors I haven't come across before… not so great for my TBR list which is getting longer every week! x

  5. Suzie, a very stimulating blog post and so nice to share the day with other writers I respect. So get what you're saying about titles. My novel was originally called BIG BAD WOLF but various agents/editors I met said it didn't tell them what the novel was about so I changed it to TALL DARK AND KILTED which everyone seems to like. Everytime I see you novel I get an 'earworm' of the Jam singing: GOING UNDERGROUND. lol. I can't say which film star I would choose to play my hero BUT I do have a photo of a hunky guy out of the Brora catalogue who epitomises my hero. Sigh. Good luck with #2 – I'll keep an eye out for it.

  6. As titles go, I love Tall, Dark and Kilted, it conjures up a sense playfullness as well a handsome hero.And sorry about the earworm, Lizzie, but hey, at least you remember my book x

  7. Thanks for stopping by, Jan, and I'm glad you like the sound of Little White Lies and Butterflies. It's been such fun to write. Look forward to hearing what you think once it's released x

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