Going Underground Hits China!

I’ve told you all before about how my oldest son upped sticks with his girlfriend and set sail for China. Not that he really took to the high seas, of course, he actually made the thirteen hour flight, but you get my drift… 

Anyways, being the cool dude that he is, it came as no surpise to hear he was soon creating a bit of a buzz in the Oriental fashion world – I mean he is, after all, a creative chip off the old block (I like to think) and as a top notch hairdresser, very much knows his stuff.  Which is just the kind of chap the Editorial team were looking for when they recruited him to do a monthly feature for their lifestyle magazine In The Red.  A Guangzhou based periodical, covering art, music and fashion – I know, sounds good doesn’t it?

Now obviously, as a mother of two I’m very proud of both my sons’ achievements.  But the reason I’m telling you about Adam today, in particular, is because it’s thanks to him that Going Underground has now hit the streets of China, alongside him. 

Oh yes, upon hearing about Going Underground it would seem the editorial team at In The Red thought I, too, was cool enough to grace the insides of their magazine.  And as such, gave me a full half page mention! 

Of course, that’s ignoring the fact that they did, indeed, get my first name wrong, but I’m prepared to let that one slide, if you are?

So, having featured alongside Adam, all that’s left is to ask whether or not this means I’m now as cool as he is…? 

I think both my children would probably say not, but I suppose that’s sons for you.

13 responses to “Going Underground Hits China!

  1. Ni Hao Ma, and congratulations to both of you Suzie. Wonderful. The Chinese are and inquisitive and clever people and they are keen to learn from the west, as much as we love to learn from them. I know you will both benefit from this article as just think how many will read it! I have lots of Chinese friends from my time spent in Taiwan and Singapore and they are also on FB so I am sure I shall steer them to you and they in turn will let their friends know about you and your talented son. Wonderful.

  2. Ni Hao Ma, to you and your son and congratulations. I am sure you will do brilliantly as the Chinese are an inquisitive and clever people and love to learn new things and take new concepts on board. Just as we in the West love their art and history. My time spent in Taiwan and Singapore has given me many Chinese friends who are on FB and I shall direct them to you and I know they will talk to their friends in China and spread the word. Such a HUGE audience. Good luck and fingers crossed. So happy for you both.

  3. Thanks for your kind and generous words, Jane! I hope you're right and that the people of China enjoy Going Underground… as well as Adam's expertise on the hair front, lol.Having never been that way myself, I'm so envious that you've managed to spend time in the East. Would love to go myself and not just because Adam's there at the mo x

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Cat… and for your lovely words of support. The world is, indeed, a smaller place; or at least, that's how it feels.Hope your son enjoys China. Adam tells me it's so different to the western world and very much a place to be experienced x

  5. Thanks, Paula. Obviously Adam's mention of Going Underground helped.Terrible of your local paper though. You'd think the local interest pages would at least want to feature you x

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