The Lucky 7 MME Award or se7en!

This week the lovely Donna ( awarded me the Lucky 7 MME award.  As did the fabulous clraven ( although unsurprisingly (and I mean that in the nicest possible way) they’ve decided to call it se7en!

Of course, I have to earn the award…  So what does this entail?

1. I have to go to page 77 of my current WIP

2. I have to scroll down to line 7

3. I copy down the next 7 lines (although clraven also offer the option of the next 7 sentences or next 7  paragraphs at this stage as well) and post them as they are written.

4. I tag 7 authors to do the same

5. I then let them know

So, having followed these instructions to the letter, here are 7 sentences from ‘Little White Lies and Butterflies’…  Happy reading, everyone.

You obviously have an over active imagination, I scolded, continuing to observe the rucksack, rope carrying individuals around me.  As instead of the host of handsome, muscular, athletic types that I had hoped to feast my eyes upon, somewhat disappointingly, it’s fair to say I couldn’t have come face-to-face with a scruffier group of crag rats if I’d tried.  I mean wide legged sweat pants were horrific at the best of times, but to wear them a couple of inches too short… well, that was just scandalous.  And what was with the dread locks and Jesus sandals?  Although any disenchantment I was feeling at that point was nothing compared to the developing nausea I was starting to experience – courtesy of the array of tighter than necessary leggings that were on display.  After all, everyone knows these garments aren’t just offensive per se, when it comes to a man’s particular body parts, an air of mystery needs to be maintained at all times…  Honestly, it was enough to make a girl shudder.
So now for my nominations as to who I’d like to receive the Lucky 7 MEME or se7en ward.   
Now I shall look forward to reading all your works in progress.

11 responses to “The Lucky 7 MME Award or se7en!

  1. Gulp. Thanks, I think, Suzie. I like your descriptions of the hikers (?) especially since I'm sitting her in my running/yoga pants which do not look attractive on me even though I don't have man parts.

  2. Hi, Paulita.I'm guessing running pants don't look good on anyone, least of all me! And I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpt, even though it's a work in progress. Hopefully it gives a feel of where I'm coming from as a writer, style wise if nothin else.Let me know if you decide to go ahead and put out your current WIP and I shall look forward to reading it x

  3. You're welcome, Ladies. And thank you for including me.I'm so pleased you enjoyed the excerpt… And even more so that you laughed, especially considering I like to think I inject a good dose of comedy into my work x

  4. Hi Suzie, thanks so much for passing this on to me. Melissa Gardiner kindly tagged me for the same thing a few weeks ago- your excerpt-would love to know where they are-half way up a mountain by the sounds of it-reminds me of geography field trips in the Lake District! X

  5. Hi, Anita.Are you always this one step ahead? Lol…You're right when you mention mountains as Lydia is stuck in the middle of a bunch of climbers. They are, however, on a boat rather than up a mountainside in this bit of the novel! x

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