Wonderful Witney…

For any author, it’s always nice to hear from Readers who take time out from their schedules to let us know how much they enjoyed something we’ve written. So imagine how heartwarming it felt when I got word from one particular chap, a guy called Neil Grant, who’d decided to take such sentiments one step further.  In fact, not only did  he want to know why I hadn’t done any book signing events in his local area, but he also explained that he’d made a point of visiting his nearest Waterstones to ask them the very same question.
Of course, in response the shop manager and I were soon on the phone organising a date; hence, my trip to Witney in Oxfordshire this last Saturday… And what a lovely trip it was too, but for more than one reason.

Firstly, upon my arrival I wasn’t just met with a line of gorgeous scooters, but also a set of welcoming smiles from the scooter riders.  Which was lovely considering I’d have thought they’d have had better things to do than to come and see little, old me; especially with it being the start of the rally season. So should you be reading this, guys, I’d just like to say a big ‘thank you’ for that; you’re being there was very much appreciated – even if one or two of you were a little camera shy.

Another reason my visit to Witney Waterstones turned out to be so enjoyable was because of all the other lovely people I got to meet… Tom and his in store staff were just fabulous, as were the many customers I was able to chat to.  And again, I’d like to extend my gratitude to everyone concerned. 
Not least because as a result, Going Underground made the Witney store’s best selling Paperback list – coming second to only The Hunger Games, which I have to say feels like something of an achievement.

And if any of you want to come and say hi at my next book signing, I’ll be at Northampton Waterstones this coming Saturday, 31st March.

8 responses to “Wonderful Witney…

  1. Thanks for dropping by, Paulita.I'm always quite nervous when I do signings, worrying that I'm going to be left with the same amount of books come the end of them, as I had when I started. Thankfully though, this hasn't happened up to now; people have proved themselves very kind in both their comments and their purchasing power – something I'm always appreciative of x

  2. So glad you enjoyed Witney, I knew you would. Lovely little place and people – used to live near there. Glad the book is going well, long may you prosper as a writer. Good luck at Northampton, but I don't think you will need it…xx

  3. Thanks for your kind words, Jane. Always much appreciated.Witney is a lovely place, isn't it? Having never been there before I was surprised at how, for a town, it had something of a village feel to it. And the people were so lovely x

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