Like a Child in a Sweet Shop…

Being Northerners, my hubby and I don’t get down to London very often.  And when we do, it’s fair to say our visits are always work related.  So whilst I was in the UK we decided to treat ourselves and head down to enjoy all the delights our capital city has to offer – well as many as we could fit in, that is, considering we were, in fact, doing all our sightseeing on foot.

Our pavement pounding began at Tower Bridge and we headed down the Embankment, snapping photos of the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and Trafalger Square along the way.  We soaked up the atmosphere of Picadilly Circus and strolled up the Mall towards Buckingham Palace; and we even managed to dodge our way down Oxford Street for a spot of shopping – just like the thousands of other visitors, all hell bent on making the most of the sales.

However, although my other half was doing a great impression of a Japanese tourist, all the while click clicking away on his camera as he was, none of the above seemed to capture his interest in quite the same way as a little, unassuming establishment located just off Carnaby Street.

Oh yes, talk about a child in a sweet shop!

Not that I am, of course. 

Naturally, I’m referring to Sherry’s, the focal point for many a Mod over the years and frequented by a number of Robert’s favourite bands and musicians.  And as I watched him animatedly chat with


Bubbles about Paul Weller and The Jam, Madness and The Specials and so on, as he browsed the wares on offer I could see that, for him at least, it was like Christmas morning all over again.  Of course, by now I was worried we were going to have to take out a small mortgage, on account of him wanting to buy near enough everything going.  But much to my relief he settled on just couple of things for our equally dedicated sons, which was much better than him clearing the shelves and rails altogether… 

Me, I’m more of a mini girl, myself.  So imagine how thrilled I was when we spotted this rather fine example:

Especially when the chap standing next to it informed us it was in perfect working order – I could’ve driven it away there and then!

If like me and Robert you like Mods and Minis, you might like to know Amazon’s Going Underground Kindle sale price has been extended and it will now be available at the reduced rate through to the end of January!

Happy reading, everyone x


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