A first time for everything…

This week has been a week of firsts…

Starting with my first magazine review.  And I can’t tell you how nervous I felt when I saw Mike Cobley’s name in my inbox, at last, letting me know that Going Underground was being featured. In fact, it took me a moment or two to even dare open his message, such was my apprehension – all the while wondering if he liked it… if he didn’t like it… OMG what if he didn’t…?

Yes, I have to admit this was one of those occasions where I was leaning towards the negative – writers anxiety and all that jazz.

Thankfully, however, I’m pleased to report that once I did finally click ‘open’  my fears turned out to be unfounded.  And the relief I felt when I saw the words: “loved the novel”, “great read” and “one of those ‘can’t put down jobs'” in the same paragraph, well it was somewhat immeasureable. 

Phew!  I could relax…


…even if it was only for a day or two.

After all, next came the Book Signing to contend with – something else in the world of writing I’d never had the pleasure of experiencing before. 

Of course, there was the question of what to wear to such an event and deciding it might be an idea to present myself as being as colourful as my book (and by that, I’m not just referring to its cover), I opted for an orange  and pink number. 



And ignoring the fact that I might actually look like I’d just been tango-ed, I instead began to focus on the panic rising in my belly… 

“What if no-one turns up?  What if come the end of it, I’m left with just as many books as when I started?” I asked.  Again, all thanks to writers’ anxiety, of course. 

Although as I stood there donning my brightest of smiles to match my brightest of outfits, thankfully my fears were, once again, proved wrong…

Oh yes, much to my amazement I was quickly dedicating and signing away as the books seemed to fly off the pile.  And a couple of hours later, I was suddenly left with all but one. 

In fact, the last copy of Going Underground looked quite pitiful sat there all on its own, as it was… 

Unlike me, I have to say, who didn’t just feel a tad elated by the event’s apparent success. By this time I was also in desperate need of a cup of coffee and a quick dash to the loo – although not necessarily in that order.

One response to “A first time for everything…

  1. Hi, Suzie! It was great to "meet" you on Absolute Write. I believe you'll find that our community stretches far beyond the Water Cooler. Many of us are around Blogger, too. 🙂 Congratulations on the success of Going Underground!

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