Now I know what Dorothy felt like…

What can I do at home, that I can’t do in a tent…? 

That’s what I asked myself when the subject of a couple of weeks camping came up.

So off to the camping shop both my other half and myself went, hell bent on picking up everything a pair of happy campers could possibly need for our great outdoor adventure.  And armed with a dongle for my laptop, in addition to all the other ‘must have’ essentials, off we subsequently went – pitching ourselves in the middle of a field, where we were to enjoy the peace and quiet, the view and the glorious weather… 

Or should I say that was the plan before the weather turned. 

Oh yes, one minute we were enjoying nature at what felt like its absolute, very best; in the next, however, we were chasing the tent porch across the greenery, as it blew off into the distance.  Not that we really needed a porch anyway, I told myself, but even once we were ensconced safely under canvass, it wasn’t as if things got any better from there. 

Oh no, thanks to the force ten gales blowing around us, that’s when the tent really did feel like it was going to lift us straight up off the ground.  And suddenly finding myself at one with Dorothy from the Wizzard of Oz, I was convinced we were going to be carried off into some far off land never to be seen again…

Still, if that were to happen (and despite the fading winds I’m still not satisfied it won’t), I do have the legacy of my book for everyone to remember me by.  Which is why I’d like to thank everyone for their support now, whilst I still can – after all, dongles might not pick up a signal in a place as far away as Oz…

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