For once, a welcome distraction…

You know what it’s like, you’re trying to get on with something that needs your full attention, but the phone keeps ringing. The kids keep coming in and out and your other half can’t find the car keys. And even if you’re home alone, there’s the washing up screaming out to be done or the garden needs a good weeding… displacement activities that for some reason just can’t wait.

So with book number two to get on with, out I came to Greece away from any such diversions; determined to stay put, come what may, unwavering in my goal to get it finished.    

Yet here I am, only a third of the way through and already preparing for my return to the UK.

But far from complaining, for once this is a welcome distraction. Welcome in that the time has come to put on my promotional hat, in readiness for the launch of book number one.  So as well as Going Underground coming to a book store near you, pen at the ready, it may well be that I’ll be making an appearance too.

Hope to see you there x

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